Nowa autocysterna przyczepa EMIRSAN LPG Tank Semi Trailer

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32 000 US$
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≈ 28 813 €
≈ 122 828 zł
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Model LPG Tank Semi Trailer
Typ autocysterna przyczepa
Rocznik 03/2018
Pojemność 57 m³
Własna masa 12000 kg
Lokalizacja Turcja Konya
Data zamieszczenia 4.12.2019
Autoline ID EG13708


Wymiary 12 m × 2.55 m × 3.9 m
Koło zapasowe
Skrzynka narzędzi
Uchwyt na koło zapasowe
Cysterna naczepa
Liczba sekcji 1
Grubość ścianek zbiornika 12 mm
Grubość dennic 14 mm
Grubość przegród 14 mm
Liczba osi 3
Zawieszenie pneumatyczne/pneumatyczne
Rozmiar opon 385/60 R22,5
Hamulce drum
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LPG Transport Semi Trailer Technical Specifications
Capacity 57 m3
Type Cylindrical Type Tanker
GVW 42.000 Kg
Fifth Wheel laod 11.500 Kg
Max axle Load 36.000 Kg
Tare Weight 12.000 Kg
Payload 30.000 Kg
Height 3900 mm
Width 2550 mm
Fifth Wheel Height 1250 mm(for single truck)
Total Lenght 13.200 mm
Design Pressure 17,5 bar
Dished Ends Type Ellipsoidal
Test Pressure 26,5 bar
Blasting and Painting SA2.5 the quality of the exterior of the tank shot blasted, epoxy primer after sanding the surfaces with shopprimer is to be implemented and the boat will be painted with white acrylic finish. The customer wants to be pasted on top of the tank other hazardous substances and other articles.
Control (Inspection and Tests) Control Costs Erdemir 'to belong to a hydrostatic tank to be tested
• Hydrostatic pressure test • Size Control • Control and Certification of Materials

Tires and Rims 6+1 pieces 385/65R/22.5” Sava brand Wheel rims Jantsa brand. Dimensions of the tires are determined considering the nearest load index values to technical criteria..
Chassis Has been produced in welding constructions with gas metal arc welding as "I" crossing from high resistant and heavy duty ST 52.3 considering overloads proper to capacity and intended usage
Axles & Suspension BPW Type Turkish brand MPD 3 x 12 Ton axles with air spring suspensions / Drum brakes. There are brake shoes and heavy brake levers suitable for TSE norms
Shock absorber will be used for load and height adjustable
Suspension will be air suspension and first axle will be liftable
Brake Wabco ABS brake system will be used,
Dual circuit brake hardware, 24” Service brake bellows fitted to axle 3 24x30” Emergency brake fitted to axle 1 and axle 2 Load balancing distribution valve, Automatic brake adjusters
Electric Installation 24 V electrical system with European norms. In addition, tank-top and trailer top and the electric lamp and warning will be posters. (ADR) 2 stop lights on the rear Bumper, 5 lights on the each side of the tank.
Tank Body Cylindrical body of 10 mm Special Lpg steel plate P355 ACC. To En 10028 and dish ends will be 12 mm
Equıpment Tanks Over Block Flange DN 50 _ 2 units
Block Flange DN 80 _ 1 unit
Hydraulic Operator _1 unit
2 "Ball Valves _3 units _
2 "Safety Valve_2 units _
¾” Check valve_ 2 units_
Rotogauge (Rotary Level Indicator) _ 1 unit _
Glycerine pressure gauge (0-25 bar), Ø 63 _ 1 unit _
Thermometer (-30 / 60 ˚ C) Ø63 _ 1 unit_
Acme Filler Cap _ 3 units_
Manhole_ 1 unit 16”
Filter_ 1 Unit
Parking Leg OMS Brand Two speed, telescopic, mechanical conveyor legs, with the capacity of 25 tons
Painting Before the painting, surface and accessories of chassis are made cleaned
PPG or DYO brand high build epoxy filter is used for first painting.
PPG or DYO brand is used for the main painting (3 times ).
The RAL code color selection is made according to customers choice.
King Pin OMS (Certificated Turkish Brand) Jost Type Steel king-pin which is 2” suitable for 6x2 tractor unit according to DIN 74080 standards and 3½” 42 CRMO4 according to DIN 74083 standards are used.
- Kin pin Height will be arrange according to your truck.
King Pin plate thickness 12 mm reinforced with min. 3+2 steel 160 NPU.
Accessories 1 unit Steel Bumper
1 unit water tank (Made of Plastic with the capacity of 30 lt)
1 unit spare tire carrier basket
2 units wheel chock and the connection
2 units Fire Extinguisher Cabinet (ADR)
2 units Food & Tool Box made of steel
Sunshade installed to the top of the Tank 3M Brand yellow colour along both sides of the Tank and 3M Brand red color on the rear bumper and on the rear dished Heads.
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